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Mobility Actor and Parking Aggregator

Since 2008, our websites have been the web reference for parking in France. With from now on over 8500 parking offers, a database and directory system endlessly updated, our website is the main parking information aggregator and guardian on line. With the Neopark API and a parking information processing in real time, Neopark provides experts in online and on GPS mapping system ( Coyote Nav, Nokia HERE, Mobile Devices Google Maps ) with the whole information on parking positions, tariffs and services, allowing thus enhanced visibility of car parks. By doing so, the website has become since 2011 a major actor in urban mobility in France, providing to car drivers reliable, updated and accessible information. Answering to the emergence of new modes of travel in urban area such as carsharing, electric vehicles and parking spot reservation, focuses its information on only one platform in order to make an informed and suitable parking choice.

Public Car Parks Directory in France and Abroad is the car park directory in France and Europe. Thus, our website is able to display over 8,500 car park in France and Europe relating to the search on the website, as well as to connect the parking manager with the car driver for any request of information or subscription. Besides, we make sure of the accuracy of the whole information contained about equipment and services. databases cover also Europe and allow this way our users to search for the perfect parking solution when they wish to travel abroad with their vehicle. Reliability, exhaustiveness and connectivity define our website.

Parking Spot Booking Platform Comparator is not only a directory service, it is also and most importantly the unique parking spot comparison and reservation platform in Europe. For every car park that has one or several reservation interfaces available, our users can compare the tariffs, advantages and services offered by each booking centre at their disposal. users save so up to 70% on their parking budget and can book their spot in advance on the reservation interface of their choice to the closest / or the cheapest car park compared to their destination. As the website is available in over six languages, the comparison service is also provided to foreign users: leisure, business travellers and many other motorists wishing to park enjoying the best parking offers in France and abroad. It is by concentrating the set of parking offers in only one comparison platform, and by providing parking offers visibility and access to car parks, that has become the market leader in its sector.