Via Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile, 9, 20124, Milano

Max. height allowed : 1.90 m


Covered car park Public car park Hours
Please dial this code when prompted so: 409261

Call the parking: 1,99 € / Appel + prix d'un appel téléphonique. Ce numéro valable 5 minutes n'est pas le numéro du destinataire mais le numéro d'un service permettant la mise en relation avec celui-ci. What is this service?

This carpark's operator does not wish to provide booking offers on our website. However, you can estimate applicable fares by filling in the form above.


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The operator Car park repubblica does not wish to display the parking information to the public.
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Metro Repubblica

Repubblica M3

Tram Viale Tunisia

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Satellite coordinates of the Car park repubblica : Long: 9.2004886 , Lat: 45.4783701
The operator Car park repubblica does not want to be contacted through our website nor display its services.