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What is

Parking-public has been since 2008 the car park directory in France and Europe. Our website can display over 8500 car park in France as well as connect the parking manager with the car driver for any request of information or subscription. Parking-public databases cover also Europe and allow this way our users to search for the perfect parking solution when they wish to travel abroad with their vehicle. is not only a directory service, but also and most importantly the unique parking spot comparison and reservation platform in Europe. For every car park that has available one or several reservation interfaces, our users can compare the tariffs, advantages and services offered by each booking centre at their disposal. Parking-public users save so up to 70% on their parking budget and can book their spot in advance on the reservation interface of their choice to the closest / or the cheapest parking compared to their destination.

How can be useful ?

Parking-public helps you in a flash to find the most appropriate car park for your vehicle and allows you to obtain the best plans of car park, by interfacing directly with the parking spot reservation systems. Enter your serach criteria and in an instant, our website will display the car park related to your search. Enjoy it to refine your search and select your perfect parking solution. Finally, book your spot with the services and insurances that meet your needs thanks to our partnerships with the reservation centres. You no longer need to turn around looking for a spot: parking-public helps you to make your parking choice, quickly, efficiently and simply !

How does work ? is what is called a meta-comparator of booking platforms and a data aggregator. Concretely it allows you, depending on specific search settings, to find a parking solution quickly and efficiently. Once you entered your destination (or geographical position), your date and hours of arrival and leaving, as well as your type of vehicle, our system will display search results ranked by criteria of proximity on a predetermined input radius. You can so sort your results by order of price or customer car drivers’opinion. Should you wish to go further in your search, you can filter the search by specific criteria in order to only obtain the parking matching your preferences.

Parking-public has developed its know-how on the web since 2008 and provides reliable and genuine parking information in direct partnership with parking managers. The information is then communicated to GPS devices (Coyote, Google Maps, Nokia HERE) you use every day to drive and park. None indicative price or inaccuracy on the provided services! You can so go serenely to the car park you want.

Once your search results are displayed, you can filter these ones according to criteria of price or grading based on opinions expressed by the car drivers.

In order to filter even more the results and to find the car park that suits you the best, you can tick one or several cases corresponding to the services provided by the car park and so only display the car park gathering all the criteria.

Sales conditions for each reservation platform displayed on our site are applicable at the time you look through them and are pointed to our partner websites, and are so submitted to modification without notice from the companies responsible of the platforms.

You are so responsible, when you make your reservation on a booking centre, for checking these general sales conditions. Parking-public could not be responsible for the partner websites’general sales conditions, particularly that these ones are not applicable to our site.

When you make a reservation on our website, every parking matching with this one is displayed in the results. For every parking is indicated, when vacancy, the booking possibilities. You can so click on the platform displaying the criteria you reckon being the most suitable for your reservation. You will be in this case redirected to the related offer to the partner platform website. Please note that it is not possible in any case to book a spot ON our website but only THROUGH our website. The reservation making process has to be done on our partners’reservation platforms.

When you have booked your spot, you must contact the reservation centre you have placed the order to. Actually, parking-public does not know the details of your order. We just present our partners’offers and you are responsible for turning to them for any request related to a particular reservation.

When you make a search on our website, you can on the result list consult the map of the car park displayed. This one can be found at the bottom of the list. The exact parking address is also mentioned for every result displayed in a sidebar provided for that purpose. Finally, if you click on each car park detail, you can find again the exact parking address and the GPS coordinates and contact details such as email adress (if the manager accepts this kind of contact).

The tariffs indicated are only applicable for one parking spot. The spot and tariff are related so to the type of vehicle selected beforehand in the search form.

Our spot reservation offers are always updated, these one being negotiated in advance with our partners for a determined term of validity. Nevertheless, and in spite of the whole care provided to the accuracy of information on our website, it can happen that some information (service, hourly fee) are no longer update. It happens when a partner changes suddenly some information and that the processing has not be done yet on our website. When this very seldom situation happens, please feel free to contact us directly here: contact.

Parking-public indicates for each parking, and when these ones are available, the hourly fees, package and subscription possibilities. Our partnership with every manager enables us to hold a reliable and incessantly updated information. However, these tariffs are an indication and submitted to modification without notice from the parking managers. is not bound under a contract to apply on the spot the hourly fees mentioned and could not be responsible for a difference observed at the terminals and cash registers.

Obviously. We have a particularly inflexible privacy policy regarding the data collected on our website and none information is released without your express consent. Besides, you will be contacted only if you expressed the need on our website or agreed on being contacted for offers and information matters.

For further information, we invite you to consult the dedicated page: Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Absolutely! We are even partial of this, and it is on our best interests to examine any request of affiliation and partnership which could be profitable for both parties. Please feel free to contact us about this subject, send us a message here.

You can contact us directly via the form on this page: contact us.