Because the parking world is on the way to digital revolution, launches its app and make easier the short, medium and long term parking search ! Either for a personnal, professional travel or for an event and even a subscription, the whole parking information is from now on directly accessible thanks to an unique, user-friendly and reliable app. Look for a public or private car park, a car park close to a train station or an airport, book your spot thanks to our partners et never turn around again in order to find a parking spot. You can now find the perfect spot to park in the best conditions, at the fairest price.

Compare the whole parking fees in France and book your spot via our platforms so as to always be sure to park at the best price. Finally an app listing the whole parking offer: geolocalisation, hourly fees, subscription, services, spot reservation and availability in real time., strongly promotes a responsible and efficient “smart data” policy in order to offer a finer service to car drivers and its partners.

What is smart data ? Smart Data, is the whole data owns about French and European parking, such as fixed data and dynamic data (Big Data), but analysed in a relevant way in order to operate concrete and clever app regarding the parking (to be « Smart »).

Why and how is this policy set up and applied ? First of all the whole data parking-public owns is only used in a relevant way and aims at constantly improve the parking offer and the services to provide to car drivers. Thanks to statistics and cartography services and to forecasting algorithm, the Neopark group, owner, provides to car park managers the keys and tools to better understand the current parking market and the evolution in urban mobility of the future. It takes into account the elaboration of high added value services, tariffs better adjusted to parking areas reality, or deeper knowledge regarding investment.

They are these keys to understanding that the Neopark group is able to provide, helping so mobility and parking actors to be proactive and lucid in their pricing policy and their services settlement.

The Smart Data can precisely and in real-time indicates the demand in parking on a specific area. See example left-side showing an instant picture of demand volume in parking spot in the Pitié Salpétrière district in Paris. Smart Data can allow to improve parking services and offers for a better interaction between parking managers and car drivers.



As you are concerned car driver and user, smart data means the elaboration of new tariffs, suiting better your needs, and of services even more efficient and innovative.

As you are concerned parking manager and semi-public company, smart data is the unique opportunity to develop your firm on new sectors, to adjust even finer your tariffs to meet the demand and to be sure to invest in the good place at the good time.


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