History of NEOPARK group

Founded in 2005, the Neopark group is an expert in the parking market. Thanks to innovative solutions, we incessantly operate as an intermediate in order to meet parking manager needs and car driver needs. By leveraging our expertise, we enjoy a strong presence on parking spot sale, location and reservation.

In 2005 precisely, NEOPARK put online its first website dedicated to the parking sector : neopark.fr, and still operating today. Wishing to develop an innovative solution of parking search, we successfully launched in 2006 the first website about geolocated parking to rent ads : location-parking.com, also still available today.

By leveraging its unique experience on parking big data, NEOPARK created in 2007 the website observatoire-stationnement.fr and won the Parkopolis Grand Jury Prize for its French parking mapping.

With the purpose of exploit the whole data the group owns, NEOPARK launches in 2008: parking-public.fr. The most achieved and complete directory on public car park and parking area in France. The directory website you currently navigate on is celebrating eight years of existence and services to parking managers and car drivers.

In 2009, after important efforts of R&D, the NEOPARK API, the first parking information aggregating system, is created and introduced in many of our partners’system such as Thalès, ACS and Nokia HERE and Google Maps.

Où me garer is then released in 2010 and aims at becoming the first direct parking research portal in France with oumegarer.com.

In 2011, NEOPARK, thanks to its big data, creates the NEOPARKING website, which becomes the first comparator and booking platform in France and Europe. Finally an easy, user-friendly and efficient comparison and booking system for car drivers and that meet their needs in parking. The website became in 2013 the main booking platform for parking in France. neoparking.com becomes a leader in online booking in 2014, with about 44,000 booked spaces.

Continuing its expansion, NEOPARK launched in 2015 both an optimized version of neoparking.com for mobile phones, and a new version of parking-public.fr, aimed at being the comparison of booking centres for parking spots metaplatform. Moreover, NEOPARK, in partnership with MACQ company, takes serenely on the field of parking access securing with the NEOPASS system, a smart and autonomous terminal connected to a cloud in order to allow the vehicles enters and exits yield management on every equipped car park.

By doing so, NEOPARK covers all businesses and fields in the parking world, from the commercial management and the settlement of parking access systems to customer service and answer to car driver needs.

Preparing the parking future

By combining cutting-edge technology with a strong ten-year experience in the parking sector, NEOPARK allows parking data exchange in real time, such as vehicles flow, traffic events forecast and car park occupancy rate. Our advanced mapping system also allows to view immediately about 130 millions of parking-public data with many criteria: required parking time geolocated in real time, the most adapted hourly package and tariffs to a specific area or still quantification and potential of a catchment area in a specific car park.

NEOPARK positions itself as a leader in aggregating and distributing parking information to major actors in the parking field such as communicating GPS, company specialised in urban mobility, transport of persons and mapping data display. These progresses are based on an native API, with an universal interface and a top-notch mapping service. Consequently, we are able to provide to our partners and car drivers data as relevant as possible in order to facilitate the settlement and flexibility of parking services. Aware of the emerging trends of urban mobility such as carsharing, shared park, the advent of electric vehicles and connected and smart parking, NEOPARK offers alternative and innovative solutions to its partners so as to improve online visibility, car park management and parking occupancy optimization, making easier by this way the parking in urban area. We permit with all our partners time and money saving for car drivers and a more economical, ecological and social management of traffic flows in town.