builds a relationship based on trust with every user of its services and offers a large range of solutions aimed at improving your web visibility, highlight your car park and boost your sales.

By leveraging a ten-year experience we are also able to advise you in your building brand image process and train your staff to management tools, best practices and customer approach in the parking world.

  • Higher turnover
  • A better brand emphasis on a website with a very strong traffic
  • A multilingual with international dimension website
  • A bigger Internet visibility of your offers and services
  • A ten-year expertise in the parking world by your side
  • Many solutions suggested so as to maximise the sales
  • None technical installation is necessary on your site(s).
  • High quality and exhaustive reporting about your provided services
  • Adjusting search platforms (airports, train stations, undergrounds…)


    Independent or group parking managers, semi-public comanpanies, discover our web solutions for your car park SEO and enjoy so a bigger Internet visibility. Several SEO options are available. Your information will be available from your office computer, your mobile device (tab and smartphones) and our dedicated app:

  • Presence in our search results and our car park descriptions :
  • Make appear from now in all our search results and product description your car park, with photos, services, and contact details (according to your will). It will strengthen your Internet visibility and your parking information will be directly available from the main Internet search engines, via our links for cities, airports, train and underground stations and many other places (tourist attractions, performance halls, hospitals, hotels…)

  • Choice of geographic cover and languages :
  • Parking-public gives you the possibility to index your car park internationally, allowing you to reach a still broader clientele : foreign tourists, business travellers. You can enjoy an international cover with our website operated in 6 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

  • Linking to your website :
  • We add a hyperlink to your parking description(s) in order to quickly and easily link your website to ours. helps you so to increase even more your traffic and visibility, stimulating a better SEO of your website and offers in an easy and efficient way.

    Strongly increase your reservations, web visibility and traffic and finally your turnover. Improve your communication to your customers and trigger more easily the contact.

    Thanks to our sale optimization program, you can, from now, make available to our visitors your booking centre in direct access and upgrade your platform rentability. We help you by this way to maximise the occupancy rate in your available to reservation car parks. The prices and links to the booking platform will be available as soon as the search results and the descriptions dedicated to each car park are displayed on our website.


    Measure your audience with our turnkey analyse reports.

    Determine your offers and car park visibility in our website and enjoy an accurate reporting in order to measure your return on investment and to take the suitable decisions at the good time. Easy to use, easy to understand and presenting an essential help for every company concerned by the web visibility.


    The public-carparks label, directly visible from the search result list and from the parking description is a guarantee of quality, seriousness and professionalism.

    The public-carparks label acts as a real leading light to our visitors, by indicating if a parking is valuated extremely satisfacting, securing and functionning with optimal services at any time. So as to be stamped the public-carparks label (opposite), a precise number of criteria must be filled, concordating with the preferences expressed by our users. You will find below the exhaustive list of required criteria in order to beneficiate:

  • The car park is a multi-storey paid car park, a public or by way of delegation of public service car park
  • It is open 24/7
  • It has at its disposal a reception desk with a secure guard at least at day
  • It has got a least 300 car type spots capacity (heigh under 1.90 meter)
  • It accepts forms of payment via credit card, cash, Total GR and Liber-T badge
  • It offers at least one parking spot for disabled
  • It offers at least one parking spot for electric vehicles with connection or charging station
  • Finally, the car park must be available to online reservation on at least one booking centre

    Your parking package integrated and higlighted on our website.

    You can choose to integrate your offers in white label. You enjoy so a simple booking solution and easily integrable as well as an endlessly optimized conversion rate for your parking offers. We suggest you to choose this solution when you do not use a booking centre but you wish to commercialise your package to our visitors.

    By integrating a white label, you can display your brand and logo. The search engine in white label is integrated in our website and allows you to open a secret link in a new window to the matching offer on your website. We can, on request, personalize our template style so that it suits your brand / website identity. The pages are downloaded directly from our servers, which means you do not have to worry about the tariffs validity, the accuracy of the content, or about the properly said white label brand management.


    Our experts can assist you in your employees training to parking management and technics.

    After over a ten-year experience, our team has acquired incomparable skills in accompanying and training of professionals to customer reception and car park management tools. Improve your productivity, customer service and profitability in your car parks by investing in your employees training by our side.


    Advertising package iab size and web campaign in order to maximise your visibility and custom marketing campaign.


    Generation of booking offers on line :

    We generate banners on our website specifically dedicated to your parking spot booking offers displayed in your booking platform for specific destinations. You can see some exemple below (scale no respected).



    Banner package:

    Build your brand image by our side! Improve your corporate visibility in our website so as to let our visitor knowing you. All our banners are IAB size and respect the current web standards.



    Advertising insert on newsletters:

    You wish to display our highlight your offers in a dedicated insert? Our newsletters can help you to communicate to our subscribed visitors.


    Direct and one-to-one marketing:

    A specific request? A specific user segment? No problem!

    Contact us and we will study your request in order to help you meet your goal.


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