Information Privacy is scrupulously careful of personal data protection and privacy you communicate. The text hereinafter describes how we manage and protect your personal data, as well as how we use cookies and login information on every platform of the site, our partners’ones and eventually on social networks. In case of question regarding your personal information, cookies or any other data we store you will find our contact details to direct us your questions, suggestions and specific requests.

Personal data collected by

When you visit, we collect certain information, such as your IP address, which browser and operating system you are using, application version, the language settings and pages you have visited. If you are using a mobile device, we might also collect data that identifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and features as well as latitude/longitude details. When you are pointed to one of our partners’platform, our monitoring system Google Analytics stores data on how and from which offers you have made a tariff and booking comparison request. More precisely, we use personal data for the following reasons :

  • Redirection to reservation platforms for parking spots : we use your personal data in order to complete your reservation requests on line to our different partners if and only if it is necessary to them.
  • Customers’requests support and management: in case of request for contact, opinion, suggestion, bugs report and any other kind of request, we collect information in the only goal to contact you again in order to answer you.
  • Website improvement : constantly seeking to improve our services and our users’visits on the website, we collect behavioural and quantitative information via the Google Analytics service (number of clicks, visited pages, research carried out…).
  • Newsletters: if you subscribe to our newsletter, we will use your contact details and information issued from your visit on the website so as to suggest you offers and information you may be interested in when we send a newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time thanks to the link “unsubscribe” present at the footnotes of every newsletter.
  • analytic reports and marketing operation : we also use your data for analytical and marketing purposes, in compliance with the law and in the following ways :
  • We may use your contact details in order to send you information on products and services related to your preferences expressed through the site. This information can take the form of one-to-one personalized offers, based on the information you shared with us. Booking offers for parking spot are directly present on our partners’booking centre. If a specific offer turns out to match with your preference criteria, we reserve the right to contact you by phone. We may also contact you on other occasions via e-mail, post, phone or SMS, according to the contact details you would have provided us. In order to be able in an appropriate way of improving our services and our partners’ones, we store your data for analytical purposes. None data is released on our website.

  • Prevention and detection of frauds: we may use your personal data in the framework of prevention and detection of frauds and any other illegal or prejudicial act.

  • Sharing of data with third parties

    In some case, we might share your data with third parties.

    Firstly, with our commercial partners, for any offer reckoned relevant according to your preferences expressed on our website and for analytical purposes in order to improve everyone service quality.

    Secondly, with any governmental or police authority, reserves the right to share your personal information when the law (or any competent jurisdiction) necessitates or if this one is necessary to judicial prevention, detection and proceeding of criminal acts and frauds.

    Thirdly, you may be invited to write a review further to a reservation at our partners, review that can be displayed, or not, on website. None of your personal information will be publicly available.

    Cookies and other tracking tools

    A cookie is a minuscule text file installed on your computer or mobile device, on request of some website you visit. Many sorts of cookis exist, dedicated to, when your visits, brighten up the features and services you have access to according to your preferences. Other cookies are simply used for analytical purposes. Finally, separately fro cookies, websites can use login information.

    In compliance with CNIL’s recommendations (National Commision of Informatics and Liberties) :

    “In application of the European directive ” telecom package “, internet users must be informed and give their consent formerly to tracers insertion. They must have the possibility to choose to not be tracked when they visit a website or use an app. The editors are so under the obligation to sollicitate the users’consent. This consent is applicable for a 13 mont period maximum. However, some tracers are dispensed from obtaining consent.”

    On consequence and in application of the above text, when you visit our website, you have the possibility in a banner to parameter the use of cookies on our website and to choose to not be tracked. Cookies allow the website to recognize your browser. They are so mainly use to keep in memory your choices and preferences : searched destinations, language, consulted prices… or to recognize you when you surf again on Numerous types of cookies colive together, each one with a different function. Should you wish to know further about, thanks to refer to the following paragraph below.

    Use of cookies and login information on

    We mainly use cookies coming from third parties and your login information (time connection.).

  • Login information : contrary to cookies, login information is stored thanks to a set of variables. They are temporary or stored in a set of files or entries in a database. For, the login information is loaded at the logging (when you visit the site) and updated at the disconnection (when you leave the site). This information allows us to remember your preferences and to help you surfing on our website in an efficient way. For example, they remind of your destination, your language and your already done researches.
  • Google Analytics cookies: these cookies enable to quantify and analyase the way users consult the site. It allows us to discover what functions and to develop new more relevant offers, to optimize and improve the website and to make sure we permanently offer a quality service. Data we collect take into account the pages you consult, open and close, the type of search engine you use, the date and hour, and information such as the number of click done on a specific page and the search terms you apply when you use our website. Collected data are integrally anonymous and do not reveal your identity.
  • Advertising cookies: pays close attention to cookies dedicated to display advertisement of other websites, particularly of its partners’. This is what called retargeting, based on researches you have done on our site. Advertising cookies can be used by third parties in order to display products and services suiting your preferences via their website. uses the services of reputed and reliable online advertising companies. Besides, we reserve the right to sollicitate third service providers for analytical purposes.

  • Validity period and location of cookies

    We use cookies from third parties with variable validity period. Some cookies are so applicable 5 days when others have a 5 year validity period maximum, from your last visit on our website. Your consent to be tracked on our website must be legally extendable every thirteen months. However, you can at any moment erase the cookies from your browser. So as to suppress cookies, you can find the corresponding option in your Internet browser parameters. For further details, thank you to refere to the following paragraph below.

    Cookies Settings

    The Internet browser parameters in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome allow you to choose which cookie you accept and/or wish to block. In order to access the cookies setting, use the option “parameters” in your browser or any function related to these ones. You can also use the function “help” in your browser. We remind you also that if you refuse the access to an online advertising networkn it does not mean you no longer will receive or see online advertising. In only means the advertising network you refused will not show you any more advertising based on your preferences and your behaviour.

    Personal data processing on the website

    The website and services are the exclusive property of NEOPARK group; SAS with share capital of €66,650 and registered at Paris RCS 481 680 098, located 64, Rue Nationale, 75013 Paris, phone number +33 1 84 17 55 60. For any suggestion or comment on this privacy policy, please send an e-mail via the contact form here.